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Maria Schmitt Gordon, Knitted Lace Artisan

Knitted Lace Artisan

Born in Herzogenaurach, Germany, Maria developed her craft of knitted lace at the early age of 13. She became a U.S. citizen in 1956 and made Florida her home where she raised four children. It was the empty nest syndrome that got Maria get back into her craft. Her specialty work with doilies and tablecloths has won her numerous blue ribbons in state and county fairs and even a “BEST IN SHOW” award. Usage of fine material and difficult patterns has not gone unrecognized.

Take a look at Maria’s creations. Her works of art are for sale or can be special ordered.

Sylvia Anderson, Daughter and Site Admin

KnittySchmitty WebmasterAlso born in Germany and the first of four children, I learned many skills as a child growing up in Florida. Sewing my own clothes as a teenager, creating macrame art and plant hangers, to crafts of all kinds, I exhibited my work in the county fairs as well. Knitting became of interest when Mom would spend summers with me. Learning the basics was a challenge much less learning how to read patterns. Mom still reads from German patterns. Lace knitting is a beautiful fine art and not well-known in the USA.

This website is intended to showcase my Mom’s beautiful work.

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  1. Your work is simply breath taking and inspired me to make a tablecloth of my own from a Herbert Neibling pattern, rose of England design, it took me two months of daily devoted knitting and turned out absolutely beautiful. Please give me an idea of how to price my work.

    1. All patterns are written and illustrated in German. If I had any idea how to translate them, I would. My apologies.

    1. Thank you for your interest in lace knitting. All patterns are written and illustrated in German. I would not know how to translate it.

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